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    There are lots and lots of products out there to help you at different stages in the weaning process. Here we give you just a few.

    Our Weaning Essentials
    To get started with introducing solid foods, you’ll need some basic weaning essentials.
    Depending on your chosen approach, start shopping around for these items.

    A high chair or child seat: Depending on how well your child sits up, look for one with or without padding, more or less back support, and always take the time to strap them in to the harness.

    Weaning spoons: Always pick soft plastic to start with to avoid hurting the baby’s gums, with longer handles to help to direct the food.

    Table and mess mats: Use a wipe-clean or washable place mat on the table or tray and even consider some kind of mat under the high chair to catch dropped food (there will be a lot initially!).

    Washable bibs or coverall aprons: A lot of food will be dropped down the front of your child, so choose a well-fitting waterproof bib or coverall apron, preferably with a pocket and machine washable.

    Plastic bowls and plates: Plastic crockery is lightweight and virtually unbreakable when knocked off or dropped.

    A cup or beaker: Your baby will need to drink water to help aid digestion, so introduce a cup for them to get used to self-feeding.

    Ice-trays and plastic pots: Whichever method you choose to follow, preparing it in advance will help a lot when you have a hungry baby. Buy a range of small pots that can be used to pack snacks, freeze meals, and store leftovers. Use food cube trays or ice-trays for early weaning, and defrost cubes of food depending on their appetite to save on wastage.

    An insulated lunch bag: Keep food hygienic and at the right temperature in an insulated food bag to take out and about with you.

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