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    Getting Started with Weaning

    The wonderful world of weaning can be a minefield. Read on for lots of useful articles on getting started, allergies, fussy eating and first aid advice. This page is a mixture of sponsored and guest editorial content.

    silicone weaning
    9 months plus

    Sustainable Weaning with Silicone by eco rascals

    When it comes to weaning, eco rascals has it covered. Our new line of silicone products follows the success of our fun-filled bamboo range. With these new plates, bibs and cutlery sets, you can cut down on waste and wean with tableware that’s both long-lasting and kinder to the environment than plastic.

    food safety feeding in the car
    Getting Started

    Food Safety: Is it safe to feed in the car?

    Is it really safe to let your baby feed itself while you’re driving? The short answer is no.

    finger foods vital baby

    Baby-led Weaning: Finger Food Ideas

    Letting your little one discover the world of food for themselves is a great way to improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Figuring out how to grab hold of food and bring it to their mouths is a great step forward in their weaning journey, but it’s hard to know what foods to put in front of them.

    gut health weaning

    The Importance of Good Gut Health when Weaning

    Our gut plays a larger part in our lives than most people realise. While its main job is to digest and absorb food, removing any waste in the process, it also has an impact on our overall health.

    probiotics weaning
    Getting Started

    The Benefits of Probiotics when Weaning

    Changing to solid food after around 6 months on a liquid diet is quite the challenge for tiny tummies. At this point in their development, baby’s gut is incredibly sensitive and vulnerable, but probiotics can help to give them extra support through their weaning journey


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