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Weaning Week 2024 is upon us, and we're delighted to share with you some top tips, useful videos and informative blogs from Lucy Upton, BioGaia & The Gut Stuff on some of the best practices for weaning.

Nurturing Gut Health

Nurturing Gut Health from the Start: How Babies Develop Good Gut Bacteria for Life

Gut health has never been higher on the health agenda, but how can we support good gut health right from the start? Every parent wants …

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weaning trouble tummy

How to wean a baby with reflux or tummy troubles

If you’re a parent of a baby who has struggled with reflux or tummy troubles, you’re probably wondering how to navigate the next milestone of weaning. It’s common for parents who have struggled with the challenges associated with reflux or tummy troubles to worry as they approach this milestone, so in this blog, we’ll discuss;

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Weaning 3 day rule

Should you follow the three-day rule when weaning your baby?

If you follow any weaning forum or advice page, you may still encounter advice that you should introduce your baby to one new food every three days during weaning. But is this the right way to do things?

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Changes in baby poo when starting solid foods

Baby poo chat is undoubtedly a norm for new parents, but when it comes to weaning, what poo changes should you expect?

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How should you wean your baby to support good gut health?

With gut health on parents’ minds more than ever and weaning as such a pinnacle milestone for babies’ gut health, this blog will cover some top tips for how to wean your baby to support good gut health for life.

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Weaning, gut health and baby probiotics: The ultimate guide for parents

Weaning – it’s a milestone filled with both excitement and a touch of worry for parents. As you introduce your little one to a world …

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Weaning and gut health: Nurturing tiny tummies for lifelong wellness

Weaning is a big step for you and your little one. Beyond the joy of introducing new flavours and textures, it’s also about laying a good foundation for your child’s long-term health.

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