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    Competitions and giveaways

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    Win a Weaning Week Mega Bundle

    weaning week bundle competition

    Bundle includes:

    • 1 x Cosatto Coverall Feeding Bib Strictly Avocados from Ziggle
    • 1 x Axkid ONE 2 car seat from Axkid
    • 1 x prep & wean from Vital Baby
    • 1 x power suction bowl set from Vital Baby
    • 1 x big kid cutlery from Vital Baby
    • 1 x Protectis Baby Drops from BioGaia
    • 1 x Protectis Tablets from BioGaia

    To be won

    We love to partner with brands and products that we believe in. If you would like to offer competition prizes get in touch!

    vital baby

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