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    Weaning Week 2023

    Join us for National Weaning Week from 15th – 19th May 2023. The week-long campaign aims to provide families with support, advice and help around weaning.

    There’s lots of ways to get involved, including:

    • Following along on social media
    • Trying out a new recipe
    • Taking part in a workshop 
    • Talking to other parents 

    Plus lots more!

    Featured recipes

    10 minutes

    super easy

    Many thanks to Nanny Joyce – Nanny to Sebastian (15 months) and Evie (3 and ¾) from The Grandparent Hub

    10 minutes

    super easy

    Stage 1 weaning recipe which is a super easy first food, with only 3 ingredients.

    10 Minutes

    super easy

    This tasty recipe for butternut squash and lentil puree can be made for every stage of weaning. You can include other vegetab

    10 Minutes

    super easy

    One of the best ways to get vitamins into your baby is to offer a good mix of vegetables and fruit and this brightly col

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    weaning spices
    Getting Started

    Introducing Spices To Babies & Toddlers

    Baby and toddler food shouldn’t be bland! Experimenting with a range of spices can help to expand their palettes.

    food waste weaning
    6 months plus

    How to Reduce Food Waste When Baby Led Weaning

    We’re ready to share our ultimate tips on reducing food waste and making the most out of your food budget during Baby Led Weaning.

    baby gut health
    9 months plus

    Supporting your baby’s gut health through weaning and beyond

    Starting solids is such an important time for establishing good gut health. Find out how to look after your baby’s microbiome.

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      Weaning is the process of introducing solid foods into your baby’s diet, alongside their milk requirements.

      Experts advice is to not to start offering solids until your baby is around the 6-month mark, unless told otherwise by your health visitor or GP. At this age, their usual milk is still a vital part of their nutrition and should continue to until 12 months at least. Remember every baby is different and you need to trust your instincts on when it is right for your little one.

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