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    Baby Led Weaning

    Over recent years baby-led weaning has become more popular. Baby-led weaning takes a more relaxed approach to weaning your baby, where you offer soft finger foods on the highchair tray or plate for baby to feed themselves with no help from you with a spoon. This approach has been embraced by parents around the globe, with many choosing to combine parent-led and baby-led weaning. Read on for tips and advice on baby-led weaning. This page is a mixture of sponsored and editorial content.

    silicone weaning
    9 months plus

    Sustainable Weaning with Silicone by eco rascals

    When it comes to weaning, eco rascals has it covered. Our new line of silicone products follows the success of our fun-filled bamboo range. With these new plates, bibs and cutlery sets, you can cut down on waste and wean with tableware that’s both long-lasting and kinder to the environment than plastic.

    Ensure good gut health while weaning
    9 months plus

    Kids Nutrition: 6 tips to ensure good gut health while weaning

    Mike Hardman from Alliance Online shares some tips on how to look after your baby’s gut health during weaning.

    Babease weaning tips
    Getting Started

    Babease Top Tips for Weaning

    Starting weaning isn’t just about starting solids; it’s a chance to introduce your little one to intriguing flavours, nutritious bites and spark a love of wholesome food that lasts a lifetime.

    weaning with food allergies
    Getting Started

    Food allergies, reflux, colic & eczema

    If you’re already dealing with suspected food allergies before your baby starts weaning or you’ve got another child who suffers with an allergy, I’m guessing …

    No more messy mealtimes!
    Getting Started

    No more messy mealtimes!

    Messy mealtimes can be a thing of the past with the Vital Baby NOURISH™ collection of feeding products.
    Weaning can be a little overwhelming to say the least…


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