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Siobhan Berry founded Mummy Cooks in 2012 as the first baby weaning cookery school in Ireland. It was her mission to empower and educate mums about weaning with healthy, homemade food so their little ones would grow into happy, healthy adventurous eaters. It has since grown into an award-winning international online business offering advice, recipes and award-winning family feeding and weaning products. 

Siobhan’s first Mummy Cooks recipe book – Baby & Family, published in 2018 is now heralded as the weaning bible for Irish families. Building on her years of experience with baby and family feeding, Siobhan launched her on-line weaning Academy where parents can learn to wean their baby from the comfort of their own home. 

Siobhan currently lives in Dublin with her husband, Dave, and her two daughters, Ashleigh and Jessica.

Website: www.mummycooks.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/mummycooks

Twitter: @mummycooks

Instagram: @mummycooks

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