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    Stage 1 Weaning

    Weaning in the early days can be a real mixture of emotions for both you and your baby. The current guidelines recommend you wean your baby from 6 months old, however some babies do show signs earlier than this that they are ready to be weaned. Every child is different, and some will be ready for weaning earlier than others - you will know when the time is right for your child. Read on for some useful articles and tips on getting started and the early days of weaning, and check out our recipe page for some stage 1 weaning ideas. This page is a mixture of sponsored and guest editorial content.

    Getting Started

    10 of the best sterilisers for baby bottles and breast pumps 

    Are you looking into buying a microwave, steam, cold water, UV or electric steriliser to clean your baby’s bottles and feeding equipment, your breast pump …

    How much milk does my weaning baby need
    Getting Started

    How much milk does my weaning baby need?

    How much milk does my weaning baby need

    baby weaning
    Getting Started

    The top five questions on weaning

    If you’re a parent who is about to start weaning your baby, it’s such an exciting time. You may have lots of questions and may …

    weaning spices
    Getting Started

    Introducing Spices To Babies & Toddlers

    Baby and toddler food shouldn’t be bland! Experimenting with a range of spices can help to expand their palettes.

    food waste weaning
    9 months plus

    How to Reduce Food Waste When Baby Led Weaning

    We’re ready to share our ultimate tips on reducing food waste and making the most out of your food budget during Baby Led Weaning.


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