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    National Weaning Week 2022

    Our Sponsors and Partners

    We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our Weaning Week partners and supporters. Weaning Week would not be possible without your support!

    If you’d like to help get behind National Weaning Week this year, please click here to download a free poster, logos and digital assets. Email yum@weaningweek.co.uk  if you have any questions. You can get your hands on our promotional pack here.


    Swedish children's car seat manufacturer, Axkid, is dedicated to innovation and safety. The company has substantial experience in developing and manufacturing rear-facing car seats, and champions extended rearward facing for longer.

    Founded in Gothenburg in 2009, Swedish safety and attention to detail is built into the DNA of all of Axkid's products. They're passionate about children continuing to travel rear-facing through their weaning journey and beyond, as it is proven to be up to 5 times safer than forward-facing travel.

    Much like the weaning process, Axkid aims to encourage fun and safe exploration. Travel can further expand your little one's horizons, but with improved standards and greater awareness, Axkid hope to achieve this in a way that saves lives and keeps them both happy and safe.

    b box

    b box UK

    b.box Puts the Fun in Functional Award Winning Baby Essentials. All BPA, Phthalates and PVC free! Clever bowls, cups and bibs make feeding time easy.

    It all began on a flight to New Zealand. Ever tried changing a newborn on a plane – mission impossible right? This challenge sparked an idea for friends Dannielle and Monique for the world’s first portable all in one change system, the essential baby box. And so b.box was born. And yes, b.box stands for baby box.

    Fast forward 10 years and our founders have turned their clever concept into a global brand known for its innovation, quality and creativity in product design. Today, b.box is one of the fastest growing and most successful Australian companies in the juvenile products industry. You can find b.box in over 2,000 stores in Australia, from major retail chains and gift stores, to baby specialty and pharmacy. b.box is also sold in over 40 countries around the world.

    We encourage our people to think differently and challenge the status quo. All our products are approved by kids and we listen to what our customers want, involving kids, parents and our distributors in our design process. This is what continues to set us apart and enables us to continue to forge ahead in a highly competitive global market. Join us for the next chapter…



    Bibetta mixes clever little innovations with high performance fabrics to give you a ‘wow’ factor whenever you use their products! They aim to give you the most comfortable, easiest to use, best performing and most durable products available.

    Many of their products are made with neoprene, the same material as used for making wet suits. Neoprene has a fantastic, soft, stretchy and friendly feel and is 100% waterproof with a soft rubber layer in the middle. The outside is covered in tough, stretchy nylon which is easy to clean, absorbs liquid and is quick drying. Neoprene keeps its shape well and lasts a long time giving you excellent value products!

    “Weaning week is so important as it gives new and existing parents impart advice and support on how to wean and feed your baby. There is a lot of advice and support on bring up babies in general but not one that is wholly devoted to weaning and eating, such a key part of a child’s development. It’s a wonderful opportunity for people to see our brand and also for to engage with the public to see what their issues and needs are and how we can help them now and in the future.” Fiona Brown, Director, Bibetta Limited



    Family-run online toy and leisure store Bopster.co.uk and cookery school thecookingshed.com, saw Weaning Week as a perfect opportunity for their brands to collaborate.

    “We will be running a fabulous competition and live workshop in an effort to help provide parents, carers, and grandparents with cooking tips, and colourful dinnerware to help make mealtimes fun! Together, we support Weaning Week's ethos, that weaning a child as nutritiously as possible, and involving children in the preparation of mealtimes leads to a less fussy eater and healthier lifestyle later on.”

    charlotte stirling reed

    Charlotte Stirling-Reed

    Giving parents confidence in feeding their children. From weaning, fussy eating and beyond, award winning nutritionist Charlotte has a wealth of experience.

    Lucy Upton Logo

    The Children's Dietician

    The Children's Dietitian is led by Registered Dietitian Lucy Upton. She is passionate about supporting babies, children and their families to achieve health and happiness with feeding and nutrition - for life.

    "Weaning Week is a fabulous initiative which brings together professional advice, practical support and peer experience for an aspect of parenting so many parents find overwhelming. As a health professional, who has experience working with many families - all of whom have had varying experiences through weaning - I feel it important to contribute a voice which can combine the evidence base with practice-based experience too."

    Childrens Nutrition

    The Children's Nutritionist

    Sarah Almond Bushell is a Registered Dietitian and Children's Nutritionist. Sarah is an expert in baby weaning and nutrition for children.

    the cooking shed

    The Cooking Shed

    The Cooking Shed runs cookery lessons, and private dining experiences across London and Kent, with tickets often selling out to events within 48 hours. It has joined forces with Bopster.co.uk to support Weaning Week 2021.



    doddl make clever kids' products that are especially designed to make mealtimes easier and more enjoyable.

    “At doddl we are passionate about making mealtimes easier and more enjoyable for babies and young children. We’re proud to be supporting Weaning Week which offers parents a great opportunity to find a supportive network and source information from experts in the field to help guide and support their weaning journey and ultimately enable parents to make the absolute most of mealtimes with their little ones.”



    Designed with a unique slant to teach children to drink from a cup successfully, the Doidy Cup encourages children to develop their jaw, tongue and mouth.

    Food Safety

    The Food Safety Mum

    Jenna Brown Food Safety Mum, is a fully qualified Environmental Health Practitioner specialising in food safety and public health.

    “As you start thinking about the exciting new world of weaning, it’s important not to forget that babies and young children don’t have the same immune system as us adults (or even older children) so we need to make sure we’re extra careful with their little tummies. Since becoming a Mum to my little girl Mia, and another one on the way, I understand first hand how much things change when you have a little one to think about too! I'm so excited to be part of Weaning Week 2021 to help give parents some top tips on how they can make sure the food they are serving their little ones is safe!” Jenna Brown, The Food Safety Mum

    Keep a beat

    Keep a Beat

    KeepaBeat was designed and developed by First Aid expert Sam Mackay. Since the early beginnings the brand has grown to be a nationwide success.

    "I’m passionate about teaching parents first aid and weaning week is the perfect time for parents to learn or refresh their knowledge. It can be a daunting thought starting the weaning journey and I hope to help parents feel confident in what to do if a child was to have an allergic reaction or if they were to choke."

    mia and ben

    Mia & Ben

    "Mia & Ben is on a mission to make kids’ food super and fuel a generation of healthy eaters using the power of nature. We’re super tasty, super healthy and super nutritious.

    Our products are currently available online at our website or at Ocado, or in the kids’ dairy aisle at Sainsbury’s in the UK and Dunnes Stores in Ireland.

    We’re fresh and cold-pressed - that’s why we’re chilling in the fridge, not getting old on the shelf. Cold-pressed means we lock in the natural vitamins, flavour and colour of 100% organic fruit. Developed by scientists and dietitians for optimal nutrition, our purees are a natural source of vitamin C for little immune systems. We’ve nothing to hide - take a peek inside through the unique window on our pouch to reveal the natural colours of our ingredients. No more bland and boring brown purees that you wouldn’t eat yourself - your kid will taste the freshness! Our products are currently available online at our website or at Ocado, or in the kids’ dairy aisle at Sainsbury’s in the UK and Dunnes Stores in Ireland. Follow us on Instagram @miabenfresh for weaning advice, recipes and more. Learn more at: www.mia-ben.com"



    Munchkin, Inc. believe there is no room in our world, our communities, or our company for actions, words, symbols or any other means of communication that directly or indirectly promote or convey HATE.

    mummy cooks

    Mummy Cooks

    Mummy Cooks believe in that making healthy homemade food for your baby and family shouldn't take hours in the kitchen or complicated recipes.

    Plant Based Babies

    My Plant Based Babies

    My Plant Based Babies' mission is to inspire families to live a plant-based lifestyle. From the beginning of your baby's food journey build healthy habits and live with vitality!



    At Nuby we know being a family is the most awesome and exhausting thing you’ll ever do. We’re right with you, because at Nuby, we’re a family too, challenging ourselves every day to make family life easier, to swap niggle for giggles, so that you can win this crazy fun family thing!

    Nuby specialise in high quality, innovative products that cover everything from weaning and feeding, to soothing, play time, bath time and more. So whether you are starting out on your journey to parenthood and looking to fill your home with all the nursery and baby essentials, or you are looking to keep your woeful toddler fed and watered with the least mess at weaning time, Nuby have you covered.

    Founded in 1970 in the USA, our family-run business sells in over 155 countries worldwide and our products are loved by millions of families everywhere. In 2009, Nuby UK was set up and we’ve continued to grow and grow into a leading UK baby brand, now employing over 50 employees. We never stop innovating, so while you’re bringing up humans, we’re bringing up ideas. And, like you, putting our absolute all into it to develop the next generation of most loved baby products.

    tidy tot

    Tidy Tot

    Tidy Tot weaning bibs offer complete protection for weaning and messy mealtimes. Tidy Tot bibs are easy-clean, waterproof and playful in design.

    “Weaning Week gives us a great platform to talk to parents and carers about their little ones’ journey with food and how our range of weaning products can support them all the way through, from first tastes to family mealtimes. It’s always jam-packed with useful advice from experts and brands which is more important than ever at the current time when parents seek information and support online.” Jennifer Unsworth, Director and founder, Tidy Tot.

    vital baby

    vital baby®

    With many years of experience, and asking the experts, that’s parents! vital baby® has developed a range of exciting and innovative 100% BPA-free products that solve the challenges that parents face.

    They have products ranging from combining breast and bottle feeding to a suction bowl that actually works! They’ve thought of everything to make mealtime a fun and easy experience for the family.

    "As parents ourselves at Vital Baby we've been on the weaning journey a few times, so we know it can be a little overwhelming to say the least! We've teamed up with Weaning Week to share our tips, tricks, successes and failures(!) to help parents navigate the bumps in the weaning road and enjoy the ride a little more!" Dean Tollman, CEO, Vital Baby

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    vital baby

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