Top Tips for Baby Led Weaning by Nicola Ragon-Paxton – Registered Nutritionist MBANT

Here are some simple top tips if you decide to go down the baby-led weaning route…
  • Be prepared with an easy to clean high chair. Our favourites are the Ikea Antilop and the Stokke Tripp Trapp.
  • A full cover bib is essential to prevent multiple changes of clothes in a day! The Bibetta Ultrabib with sleeves is fantastic. It washes up well, can be tumble dried and has a handy catcher for all the crumbs.
  • Unless you like scrubbing floors 3 times a day you’ll probably want to invest in a mess mat. Dropped food can also be put straight back onto the table or tray. Or get a dog!
  • Less is more! Don’t overwhelm your baby with too much choice to begin with – just two or three things to begin with.
  • Offer baby something from your plate each time you eat for maximum practice time! This also allows baby to copy you when eating.
  • Babies and children don’t need specific ‘children’ food. Get into the habit of all eating the same and you’ll halve your time in the kitchen!
  • Always have a stash of cooked veggies in the fridge – they will keep for up to 4 days if necessary. They make a nutritious addition to any meal and a great snack.
  • Think about the size and shape of the food you’re serving. Babies will find it tricky to pick up a pea. And half a slice of bread is a bit big to make it into the mouth to be gummed!
  • Porridge doesn’t need to be spoon fed – make it thicker and allow baby to pick up the lumps and suck it off her fingers.
  • Flannels are a far more effective and cheaper way of cleaning baby, especially when at home. They can be washed with the Bibetta bibs.
  • Remember weaning isn’t about ‘feeding’ to begin with. It’s about providing a new, fun and interesting experience. Let baby take the led and have fun!
  Nicola is a BANT Registered Nutritionist with a degree in Nutritional Health. She is a mother to two young children and has extensive experience helping parents introduce solids to their babies, advising on all aspects of weaning and childhood nutrition. She has a special interest in infant allergies and attends regular lectures and seminars focusing on these areas. Together with her business partner, Theresa McCarthy, Nicola runs Happy Tums, a company providing weaning workshops and support to parents.     www.happytums.co.uk  

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