Baby-led Weaning – an all round sensory experience by Theresa McCarthy, Nutritionist from Happy Tums

Baby-led weaning is great for stimulating all the senses in little ones. Sight As they look at the different offerings on their tray, watch how they peruse the foods and then make a selection – it is a concentrated act which takes time and decision making and one which shouldn’t be taken lightly – this selection process is going to impact on a few more of these amazing senses. Touch This is the sense which we would attribute to blw more than we would when discussing the traditional feeding route of purees. It is the sense which means that my little lady now handles everything on their tray at mealtimes. Watch how they squelch foods between their fingers,  smear it all over their faces and how they like to feel the texture, turning it over and over until they are ready to eat it. Taste. This is the obvious one and when discussing mealtimes, potentially the best?! Its fantastic watching  how they screw their faces up in disgust, throw things on the floor, spit foods out and then when they find something they like how they savour more and more! Smell Again, when discussing food, a sense of smell is something we may immediately think of. You can’t beat the smell of freshly baked bread.  For and all our little Happy Tum babies, their sense of smell is used to decide if they like a certain food. Their sense of smell is so important and has been developing since they were in the womb and is used to encourage them to feed milk from their mummy as soon as they enter the world. Hearing This is sense which you may not really link to food and weaning, but watch their faces when you rustle a packet of wipes to clean them up after feeding! All our knowledge begins with the senses and I can’t wait to see how these senses mature as Francesca and all our Happy Tum babies grow and develop. I for one are loving our own weaning journey which is made all the more special by being able to share it with you. For more information on Happy Tums’ support and workshops visit www.happytums.co.uk  

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