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    Family feeding tips from Emma Goulding of Cookery Eatery

    I spend many of my days cooking with children of all ages and hearing form parents about their fussy eaters.  For weaning week I have put together some top tips which have helped many of my parents, and I hope may help you too! You’re their role model. Most of us has a couple of things we really don’t like to eat or doesn’t agree with us, but for our growing children, we are the role models for what is good and worthy of putting in our mouths, helping us grow and thrive in life.  Make sure to show your child that you’re eating alongside them, the very same food you offer them to taste and explore as you wean them onto family meals.   You never know, you may just re-discover that food you thought you hated (but actually love!) all over again.  Size matters Imagine you get served a massive platter of food at the dinner table, so much that it takes your breath away and you’re suddenly not so hungry anymore.  I know I’ve have this happen to me, and it’s so off putting.  We sometimes offer children a much larger portion that what they want or need, so consider starting small with only a little bit and top it up as they go along.  Get a small bowl or plate, a small spoon and eating cutlery so they can hold them easily and get involved in the new eating experience Make time Life moves at a fast past these days, something our mums making baby purees never had to contend with.   Weaning will take time, and being such an important start in life, our relationship with food should be a priority worthy of some extra care and fuss.    This is not to say that it need take over the in kitchen. Consider doubling up on portions at meal times so you can freeze extras for a quick feed during the week, have a mental list of easy to eat and wholesome raw foods that require only a slice or 2 to avoid a choke risk (bananas, avocados, soft fruit and berries) and meal planning works a treat when trying to avoid getting caught up in the ‘what to feed the children’ panic ensuing moments. The mess will go Yes, I’m afraid anyone who suggested that weaning was neat and tidy was probably trying not to scare you.  I’ve seen all sorts of before, during and after scenes and although I wouldn’t call them  pristine, they weren’t total carnage either. Yes, there will be mess.  Yes, the food will get places you didn’t know existed (the underside of the highchair tray) and yes you won’t be in control of where the splats ends up. But know that it can easily be wiped up after feeding time and both you and your home will come out the other end all the better for knowing that your children have enjoyed food you’ve made for them With thanks to Emma Goulding, mum of two, from Cookery Eatery www.cookeryeatery.co.uk

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