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As your little ones grow, so does their sense of adventure. The weaning phase will not only see them try new tastes and textures; it will introduce them to the world of fun with food! 
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Babies discover all things new through sensory experience using the five senses; touch, sight, sounds, smells and taste. When they are faced with new, unknown objects such as blankets and soft toys, they often stare at them with a look of bewilderment before putting them in their mouths, squeezing them and even throwing them. And it’s no different when they’re playing with food – they want to experiment; squishing it in their hands and smearing it around their plate. 

Weaning can be a messy time, but also fun for both you and your baby as they grow in confidence and learn to love new tastes and textures.

Organix has shared some fun ideas to try with your little ones to give them the freedom to explore and get their mouths moving ready to try new foods!

Tongue twister 

Your baby might like to chew your fingers. Move them to the side of their mouth and watch their tongue move side to side to meet your finger. It’s a skill they’ll need for chewing.

Lick your lips 

Pop a bit of yogurt on the corner of your baby’s mouth and lips, encourage them to lick it off. Try holding a mirror in front of them so they can see what they’re doing.

Finger painting

You can join in with playing with food. Finger paint with red pepper, hummus or crushed up fruit – lick your fingers and try to get your baby to lick theirs too! 

Mirror mirror 

Use a mirror to make a funny face, kiss it or blow raspberries encouraging your little learner to copy.

For more top tips and activities to try with your little ones, visit Organix.com 

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