Protecting Precious Palates with Organix

Protecting Precious Palates with Organix

Babies developing palates in the early months of weaning are precious; what we feed them has a huge impact on the rest of their lives. Setting good foundations from the start will help set little ones on a path to having a healthy relationship with food later on in life.
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At Organix, we are passionate about protecting precious palates. We work hard to ensure the foods we provide little ones with are suitable for a developing baby’s needs, using high quality organic ingredients, and never adding anything unnecessary such as salt, and without artificial colours or flavours. 

When a baby hits that exciting 6-month mark and is showing signs that they are ready to begin their weaning journey, they are developmentally ready to start discovering new tastes and textures – this is a fun new phase for both parent and baby! As they enter the weaning phase, it’s important to protect precious palates by helping them appreciate natural flavours of a variety of ingredients to ensure they develop a healthy relationship with food as they grow. 

Vegetables are a great place to start!

We know that the early stages of weaning can be challenging, but we want to ensure babies grow up enjoying a wide range of flavours and different foods, so it’s important that early experiences involve nutritious foods and flavour variety. This not only protects their precious palates against unnecessary ingredients, it also increases the likelihood that as they grow, they will choose a healthy balance of varied foods because they like, and are used to, them.  

Take our Organix Just Fruit and Veg Jars range (available in 120g for 6 months+ and 190g for 7+ months) for example. They are full of delicious fruit and veggie goodness, using only the best organic ingredients – the perfect first baby food for growing little ones who are beginning their weaning journey. Our Just Jars are also great for busy parents who want to feed their little ones healthy and nutritious foods but are short on time. All ingredients included in our jars are labelled on the front, so parents can feel reassured that nothing unnecessary is added. The jars are also transparent so you can see the vibrant colours through the packaging, and they’re fully recyclable! Yummy flavours include Carrot, Sweetcorn & Butternut Squash, Carrot & Quinoa, Apple, Blueberry & Oat, Broccoli, Sweetcorn, Quinoa & Olive Oil and Sweetcorn, Carrot, Chickpea & Rapeseed Oil. Find out more here: Organix Just Jars for 6months+ and Organix Just Jars for 7months+

Don’t forget to…

Avoid giving babies foods that contain added salt, added sugars, high in saturated fat and unnecessary ingredients early in life, because not only do they mask the natural flavours of foods, they can shape flavour and food preferences into adulthood, leading to unhealthy food habits. 

I’m Organic, No Added Salt and No Artificial Colours or Flavours…

On all our Organix foods you will find our No Junk Promise; a pledge to parents that they can trust Organix food – a stamp of reassurance and a commitment to being always organic, using nothing unnecessary, and setting the best standard in what good food for children should be. The No Junk Promise also sets out the principles that guide us day in and day out, of what we will and won’t use when developing our foods. 

Organix has extensive range of early foods to help parents at this important time in their little ones’ development and protect their precious palates. Our weaning and finger foods help babies discover new shapes, tastes and textures, and their wide range of toddler snacks provide parents with healthier snacking and on-the-go options to fuel happy days. Find out more at www.organix.com 


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