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The Benefits of Probiotics when Weaning

By BioGaia


Changing to solid food after around 6 months on a liquid diet is quite the challenge for tiny tummies. At this point in their development, baby’s gut is incredibly sensitive and vulnerable, but probiotics can help to give them extra support through their weaning journey.

What are probiotics?

According to Gianfranco Grompone, Chief Scientific Officer at Biogaia:

“Probiotics are live microorganisms, so small that we cannot see them with our eyes, and when they are administered in adequate amounts, they confer health benefits.”

They are full of friendly bacteria and live cultures that help to regulate our microbiomes and improve our health. Different probiotics contain different strains of bacteria, and will therefore have a different effect on the body.

How do probiotics help when weaning?

The good bacteria found in these foods and supplements offer a number of health benefits for children of all ages – even into adulthood! Research has shown that probiotics have a profound effect on the immune system, bowel regulation, and tummy pain. In fact, improving your little one’s gut health can have a positive effect on their overall health.

As baby’s gut develops, many parents will warn you of a number of common complaints that arise. Many of these can be eased or prevented through probiotics:

Regurgitation – babies’ tummies are only small, and are taking on a lot of new textures and flavours. Particularly at the start of their weaning journey, they may spit up some food. Through clinical trials, probiotics have been proven to reduce regurgitations.
Constipation – in these early days of weaning, your little one’s digestive system is also learning how to manage these new foods. Probiotics can help to get things moving while baby adjusts to solid food.

Diarrhoea – of course, we have to consider the other end of the spectrum, too. This is just another way for untrained stomachs to process new foods. Overall, probiotics can help to regulate stool frequency.

Introducing probiotics into your baby’s diet

The benefits of probiotics are clear, but working them into your little one’s diet is another story. The live cultures can be found naturally in certain foods, such as sauerkraut and pickled gherkins, but these are usually both unpopular with kids, and also too high in salt.

However, there are a number of probiotics available as food supplements that are suitable for babies and infants. These are completely safe, and offer the same benefits as those found naturally in certain foods.


BioGaia has spent over 30 years researching gut health and microbiomes, perfecting their own probiotic strain. Their Protectis Baby Drops are specially designed for the tiniest of microbiomes. With just 5 drops a day, your little one’s gut will be happier and healthier, and ready to tackle the weaning journey.

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