Top 6 finger foods when weaning your baby

Top 6 finger foods when weaning your baby from Organix, the organic baby and toddler food brand
  As you and your baby grow more confident, you can have fun with all sorts of lip-smacking tasty foods. They might take it very seriously, or squeal with delight as they squish and squash finger foods between their fingers. As they do so, they are boosting their hand-eye co-ordination and you will experience the wonder of watching your little ones first tastes.
Just as taste is a whole new, wonderous world to your baby, so is shape. A cube of cheese, a tube of pasta or a segment of orange are all exciting new shapes, and your little one will want to reach out to grip and grab these enticing-looking finger foods. Finger foods are also a great tool for busy mums and dads when out and about. It is always worth ensuring you have a packet of melty Organix Pea Puffs handy for any long journeys or hungry café moments. The Organix No Junk Promise means we only use the tastiest, best organic ingredients and never add anything unnecessary to our foods. It’s our way of giving mums and dads the added reassurance of finger foods they can trust for their little one.
Research shows that babies who are offered a wide variety of tastes and textures are more likely to eat a wide range of foods later in childhood. With this in mind, Organix strives to create scrummy, organic food that babies and toddlers love to eat. In fun shapes and melty textures that are easy for them to enjoy.  
Here are our top 6 finger foods:
  1. Soft cooked carrot batons or potato wedges are always a firm favourite.
  2. Try new textures and tastes like a juicy piece of mango.  
  3. Chunky circles of fruity Organix apple rice cakes are a great way to offer different shapes for little ones to play with.
  4. A segment of orange will introduce your teeny person to citrus flavours.
  5. Delicious Organix carrot sticks melt in the mouth and are a good ‘next step’ for children who are ready to explore new textures.  
  6. Broccoli florets are a fun texture to grip and grab.
Organix wants a world where healthy, nutritious food is a real choice for everyone. You’ll find lots of advice, tips and recipes ideas for baby’s first foods at www.organix.com #FuelTheirWonder

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