Tasty tips for first food adventures from Organix, the organic baby and toddler food brand

It can take 10 tries or more before your baby will accept a new food or texture, so it is a good idea to keep offering a scrummy variety of foods even if they weren’t keen the first-time round. As mums and dads, we know it isn’t always going to be easy, but it is always going to be worth it.


As you and your teeny-tiny person grow more confident with introducing first foods, you can have lots of fun trying all sorts of different shapes, textures and tastes. Exploring, playing and getting hands on helps fuel your little one’s sense of wonder and encourages a love of good food for life.  


  1. Relax! Try not to get too stressed, it’s just food. The wonderful challenge of being a mum or dad means you get to experience the giggles, gurgles and a fair share of tears and tantrums, too!
  2. Timing: Try your baby with their first taste of food when you know they’re at their best. Are they a smiley morning or a giggly evening baby?
  3. Plan for mess! It will be a gooey, messy extravaganza so put a piece of fabric under the high chair, then pop it into the washing machine after each meal.
  4. Full up: Your baby’s tummy is teeny weeny, so don’t worry if they start to turn their head after a few mouthfuls, they’ve just had enough for now.
  5. Veg first: Weaning vegetables first helps to set up healthy food choices for life for your little one. Because when little tums are filled with tasty food you can trust, that’s where the wonder starts.
  6. Small batches: If you’re trying out puree, make small portions of new recipes to start with – you don’t want 50 ice cubes of lamb tagine if you find your baby is more of a bolognese connoisseur! 
  7. Basic kit: You don’t need lots of fancy pants equipment, just a few weaning spoons, little bowls, some bibs, a highchair, and a stick blender.
  8. Try again: Don’t despair if your baby is slow to like a new food, try it again another day.
  9. Eat together: Babies love being social. Sitting and eating with others embeds good habits and can be a fun filled experience.  
  10. Play with food: Finger foods like scrummy Organix sweetcorn rings at meal times can help them try new tastes and encourage them to feed themselves.


You’ll find lots of advice, tips and recipes ideas for baby’s first foods at www.organix.com #FuelTheirWonder


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