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    Stage 3 Weaning

    Family mealtimes really do take shape when your little one is ready to share the same tastes at mealtimes as you. Stage 3 weaning is when your baby will be more interested in finger foods and trying the food you eat. It means less mushing, squishing and mashing, as your baby discovers the world of using their own cutlery, hands and chewing food. For many parents this can be a daunting stage, as they become more independent. Read on for some articles, tips and ideas to help you all enjoy family mealtimes with your baby or toddler. This page is a mixture of sponsored and editorial content.

    baby food processor
    Stage 1 Weaning

    Do you need a weaning food processor?

    It’s six months since you welcomed your baby and you may be wondering if you should invest in a baby food processor. Here are the …

    food waste weaning
    Getting Started

    How to Reduce Food Waste When Baby Led Weaning

    We’re ready to share our ultimate tips on reducing food waste and making the most out of your food budget during Baby Led Weaning.

    baby gut health
    Getting Started

    Supporting your baby’s gut health through weaning and beyond

    Starting solids is such an important time for establishing good gut health. Find out how to look after your baby’s microbiome.

    chewing and talking
    Stage 1 Weaning

    The Surprising Link Between Chewing and Talking in Babies

    Did you know there is a fascinating connection between chewing and talking in little ones?

    baby's immune system
    Getting Started

    Four foods to strengthen baby’s immune system

    In order to keep our babies healthy, it helps to be aware of ingredients that have been proven to help babies build a strong immune system


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