Butternut Mac ‘N’ Cheese

One way to make mealtime enjoyable and nutritious is by preparing homemade options that are both tasty and healthy. For a comforting and delicious dish, have a go at Cheeky Rascal‘s recipe for Butternut Mac ‘N’ Cheese for babies. Partnering with Zenia Deogan from The Flavour Academy, they’ve created this delicious dish, filled with the goodness of butternut squash and cheese.

Zenia is a Nutritionist, Food Scientist, Sensory Scientist and Chef. She’s known for her authenticity in flavours and spreading knowledge about Sensory Science, which is how we use our five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) to create our individual food experiences.

Butternut Mac 'n' Cheese recipe

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900g butternut squash, chopped
1/2tsp garlic powder
1tsp sage, finely chopped
Pinch nutmeg
100g macaroni, cooked
60g cheddar, grated



Cook pasta

Cook 100g of macaroni according to the packet instructions.
Mark as complete


Whilst macaroni is cooking, place the butternut into the Baby Brezza or other food steamer with garlic powder, sage and a pinch of nutmeg so the flavour is infused. Steam ingredients for 20 minutes.
Mark as complete


Blend for approximately 20 seconds, until smooth using the Baby Brezza or other food blender.
Mark as complete


Add cooked macaroni, cheese and a little cream (optional).
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Blend again

Blend again, until desired consistency is achieved.
Mark as complete


Enhance the taste by adding a small pinch of black pepper, rosemary and/or thyme. Enhance the texture with cashews, cream, ricotta, parmesan, grated cheddar and/or breadcrumbs.
Sage is known to enhance digestion, strengthen bones and teeth and also boasts its anti-oxidant an anti-inflammatory properties.
Recipe by Zenia Deogan and Cheeky Rascals

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