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    Super Green Purée

    One of the best ways to get vitamins into your baby is to offer a good mix of vegetables and fruit and this brightly coloured purée used three great, fresh ingredients.

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    Adjust Servings
    Handful of kale leaves
    Stem of broccoli
    Piece of a tender fennel



    Cook and serve

    Wash and chop all three of the vegetables and place in a steamer. Cook until the broccoli stems and fennel are tender. Then add a knob of vegan butter and blend with a little of the cooking water – this may take some time as broccoli is quite grainy.
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    Tips for different stages Stage One: blend to a smooth purée Stage Two: Leave this meal slightly chunky Stage Three: serve chopped roughly Baby-Led Tip: Retain some of the whole pieces of vegetables and offer to your baby This recipe is from Plant Based Bay by Sally Hall. Find out more on Instagram @PlantBasedBaby_uk You can pre-order her book here Disclaimer: The views and advice given in this article are those of the guest writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Weaning Week or any other organisations represented on this platform

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