15 Minutes


Any toddler parent will know that snack requests can be endless. Why not try these energy balls packed full of fibre, healthy fats, and even the option of some fermented foods (kef

20-25 Minutes


⁣ This go-to lunch or quick dinner recipe is cheap, packed with nutrients and fibre, and super easy to make. It’s perfect for using vegetables hanging around in the fridge!  Y

25-30 Minutes


These gut-loving flapjacks are not just delicious but also a nutritional powerhouse. Packed of three different vegetables, oats, and seeds, they provide a balanced mix of vitamins,

30-40 Minutes


This family-friendly recipe is perfect from 6 months of age onwards and goes the extra nutritional mile from gut health to an allergy-friendly option. Packed with flavour and nutri

10 Minutes

super easy

When we first made veggie muffins for our daughter as a snack we always thought to ourselves how bland they were. After playing around with herbs and spices we found that our now n

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